Our Mission

Place 4 Grace educates and ministers Christ’s love and grace to unwed pregnant ladies and their children, in a safe, secure, stable home environment and eliminate generational cycles of unwed pregnancy, poverty, abuse and addiction.

What is our goal in the long run?

The goal of Place 4 Grace is to share the love of Christ, help families obtain self-sufficiency and break negative family cycles; reducing the need for community social services for generations.

Home culture includes parenting & life skills, like cooking, cleaning, & budgeting, as well as relationship education.

How it works?

After a young lady, let’s call her Hope, has made the initial contact, she will fill out an application and go through an intake interview with our Executive Director and Family Director. Our Family Director will work with Hope to establish a life plan specific to her needs. Hope also begins working through her resident handbook with our House Parents and gets oriented to the home. She begins to be included in the Christ centered family life at Place 4 Grace and work toward her goals on a daily basis under the guidance of the House Parents, with help from our partners. With scheduled check ins from the Family Director, Hope is tracking her goal progress and setting new ones. Upon graduation from the home, Hope can choose to live in our transitional housing where she still maintains the support system of Place 4 Grace during her major step toward practicing self-sufficiency. When Hope leaves the transitional housing, our desire is, she will always think of Place 4 Grace as her extended family.

Programs similar to ours report 95% of ladies maintain personal stability after graduation in the areas of housing, job, transportation and childcare.

Spread the word! The more people find out about Place 4 Grace, the more families we can impact. So post a link to the Place 4 Grace site on your Facebook page or include it in your email-signature.